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Package Design

Our award-winning team of highly skilled professionals can create eye-catching, functional, and cost-effective packaging that protects your product while standing out brilliantly on retail shelves and displays. Equipped with the latest tools and technologies, Spectrum will help you elevate your brand with a finished product that holds up and looks great—from design to delivery.

Services include, but are not limited to

Graphic Design
(Ideation & Conceptualization)

Structural Design

Research & Development

Package Improvements

Structural Samples

3D Renderings

Prototype Development

Prototypes allow the retailer to touch, feel, and see the product. Often you need to show the package to properly visualize functionality and shelf appeal. Some things are difficult to communicate without visual aid.

Production-like replica
Vibrant colors and detailed finishing
Great sales tool for new product launches


We provide a full range of services including material testing, compliance testing, custom design testing, and package performance.

  • Scuff & Abrasion
  • Tensile & Pull
  • Peel Adhesion
  • Mullen Burst
  • Edge Crush
  • Vibration
  • Drop
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Structural Design

Spectrum Packaging 3D White Packaging Sample Thumbnail

Structural Samples

Spectrum Packaging 2D Packaging Dieline with Artwork Thumbnail

Graphic Design

Spectrum Packaging 3D Package Sample with Artwork Thumbnail


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Scuff & Abrasion, Tensile & Pull, Peel Adhesion, Mullen Burst, Edge Crush, Vibration, Drop

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